Defector Scientist To Expose "Human Experiments" In North Korea

The defector with “15 gigabytes worth of data and information regarding human experimentation” is expected to testify before the European parliament.

North Korea's 'Human Experiments' to be Revealed by Biochemical Expert who Fled to Finland

A biochemical weapons expert who defected from North Korea and fled to Finland reportedly is carrying solid evidence of inhumane and grisly experiments conducted in the Hermit Kingdom.

The 47-year-old researcher, who has only been identified as Lee, fled to the European country on June 6 via the Philippines, according to South Korea’s Yonhap News. He is believed to have left with “15 gigabytes worth of data and information regarding human experimentation.” 

"His ostensible reason for defection is that he felt skeptical about his research," a source from a North Korean human rights group told the news agency.

Lee is also expected to give a testimony before the European parliament later this month.

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North Korea has previously been accused of conducting human experiments. Just last December, a former officer of North Korea’s special forces told the Daily Telegraph how he abandoned Kim Jong-un’s regime after watching chemical and biological weapons tests on disabled children and adults.

Before that, a United Nations inquiry heard a number of defectors who witnessed similar experiments but was unable to substantiate them.

Lee’s case, however, would mark the first time a defector possesses actual proof of the alleged abuse in the country, if reports are accurate.

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