North Korea Executes Three Housewives Over A South Korean TV Drama

Add South Korean television shows to the ever-growing list of things that can get you executed in Kim Jong-un’s pariah state.

North Korea

North Korea executed three women for allegedly recording a South Korean television miniseries. Apparently, the homemakers were found guilty of not only watching, but also making copies of the foreign media and distributing it among others.

Although things insignificant as mourning over dead and falling asleep during a high-profile military meeting has landed people in the crosshairs of authorities in the hermit state, instances like this shed the light on the wide-scale human rights abuses North Koreans suffer under the dictatorship of Kim Jong-un.

As Radio Free Asia reports, the women resided near Hyesan University of the Arts, in Yanggang Province. The authorities took them into custody for copying and distributing the South Korean TV drama Until the Azaleas Bloom, which is reportedly a 1998 miniseries based on the true story of a North Korean dancer who defected to the South with her husband in the early 1990s.

The show frankly depicts the everyday life in North Korea and the inequality that prevails between the poor, ordinary people and the rich, power-holding elite – a concept that almost all North Koreans can painfully relate to.

Moreover, a source from within the country has revealed that all three women belonged to the same family. Two of the women were sisters, while the third was a sister-in-law.

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Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un has a history of killing people for the weirdest of reasons. As an annual report from Korea Institute for National Unification has revealed, North Korea executed 1,382 people during a 15-year period under the regime of Kim Jong-un and his late-father Kim Jong-il for crimes ranging from watching South Korean films to smuggling drugs.

“The North claimed that it has handed down capital punishment in very limited cases, but it has carried out executions in cases of a wide range of crimes,” the report said.

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