North Korea Enters Worst Period Of Drought In 100 Years

You know it’s serious when even the North Korean government admits the country is going through a crisis.

North Korean Crisis

It’s a well-documented fact that Pyongyang always refuses to admit that North Korea is going through a chronic food shortage – and how the nation’s young leader Kim Jong Un hosts host lavish feasts for his top aides while the common man starves on the streets.

However, things have gotten even worse, apparently. In fact, the situation is so serious that the North Korean government is forced to acknowledge the reality that the country is in a crisis.

The Hermit Kingdom has been hit by its worst drought in a century, reported state-run news agency KCNA this week, adding it is causing "great harm to the agricultural sector."

North Korea drought

The four key rice-growing provinces – South Hwanghae, North Hwanghae, South Pyongan and South Hamgyong – have been badly damaged by the severe drought.

"According to the hydro-meteorological authority there has been no rain in the (western) provinces of North and South Hwanghae," KCNA stated.

Water levels in reservoirs are reportedly at their lowest level and rivers in the affected regions also drying up. Since rice farming requires a huge amount of water, relevant food industries are suffering.

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The latest drought undoubtedly spells bad news for Kim, who is an alleged foodie and who loves having grand feasts in Pyongyang.

north korea food shortage

north korea food crisis

north korea food problems

north korea food insecurity

Although Pyongyang has just admitted that the country has entered a food crisis, the United Nations warned almost a month ago that a drought in North Korea could lead to huge food shortages this year.

“Rainfall in 2014, the lowest in records going back 30 years, was 40-60 percent below 2013 levels, and reservoirs are very low," Ghulam Isaczai, the U.N. resident coordinator, told Reuters.

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