Talk About Subtlety: North Korea's New Building Shaped Like Nuke Atom

Kim Jong-Un found a new way to thumb his nose at countries trying to keep North Korea from developing nuclear weapons.

KCNA picture of the Sci-Tech Complex

Despite being slapped with Western sanctions, the new and remarkably huge science and technology complex (pictured above) in Pyongyang indicates North Korea has no plans of abandoning its nuclear ambitions.

The notorious dictator Kim Jong-un was recently photographed unveiling a quirky atom-shaped building accompanied by senior government and Korean People's Army officials. The structure was reportedly completed in an about a year.

KCNA picture of the Sci-Tech Complex

North Korea has conducted a total of three nuclear tests since 2006 and is believed to be working on long-range ballistic missiles capable of reaching Japan and South Korea.

North Korean leader Kim Jong

“Visiting the Ssuk Islet, an islet of science, everyone will know well about the validity and vitality of the policy of the WPK (Worker’s Party of Korea) which has been constantly directing big efforts to the development of science and technology,” Kim was quoted as saying by KCNA.

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North Korean leader Kim Jong

The newly inaugurated complex will be used as an e-library for North Korean scientists working on nuclear projects. It also features an “earthquake experience room, virtual science laboratory,” KCNA added.

KCNA picture of North Korean leader Kim Jong

The young leader toured the facility and gave field guidance to officials.

picture of North Korean leader Kim Jong

North Korea

“North Korea has built various buildings to raise morale of scientists such as a building for scientists’ holidays. The sci-tech complex is one of these buildings. To build these kinds of things means science and technology are important to rebuild their economy,” Kim Jong-son, a researcher at the Science and Technology Policy Institute in Seoul told NK News – a Washington, D.C.-based website focusing on North Korea.

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