Dictator Kim Jong-Un Channels The Fresh Prince For His New Look

Kim Jong-un’s fashion game just reached a new level.

Kim Jong-un has a hilariously terrible new haircut

It seems like everything that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un does becomes the talk of the town. Be it something as extravagant as taking a ride in his newly furbished aircraft or getting his eyebrows trimmed, Kim never fails to make the headlines.

This time around, he is the center of attention for his dramatic new haircut.

North Korea’s supreme leader has apparently amped up his signature side-shaven look with a trendy pompadour-esque hairdo – cropped on the sides and heavy on the top. He is also supporting barely there, partially shaven eyebrows.   

Kim Jong-un has a new haircut

Despite the fact that this new haircut is not much different from his old one, it does give him somewhat of a sophisticated look. However, some compare Kim’s new hairstyle with Will Smith’s '90s Fresh Prince Of Bel Air look.

Kim Jong Un has an amazing new haircut.

The haircut was unveiled during dictator’s politburo meeting with country’s communist party in Pyongyang earlier this week.

Unsurprisingly, the news has sent Internet into frenzy, take a look:

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