The World Is Going Crazy Over Kim Jong-Un’s New Panama Hat

The North Korean dictator shows off his new headgear in the latest photo op.

It is a well-documented fact that everything that North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un does – or happens to him – becomes news. Be it his brand-new refurbished jet, his disappearing eyebrows, a new haircut or a hike to the country’s highest mountain, Kim never fails to make it to the front page.

This time around, the world is going crazy over his jaunty summer headgear.

The Outstanding Leader of the Hermit Kingdom was recently seen sporting a Panama-style hat during a farm visit.

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Donning the beige straw hat tied with a brown ribbon and a navy pinstriped suit, Kim looked like the happiest person on Earth as he gave field guidance to military personnel at a new tree nursery and Farm No. 1116 in the North Korean countrysiKim Jong Un Wears Stylish Panama Hat

The notorious dictator made the visit following a severe drout, according to photos released by the Korean Central News Agency.


Kim Jong-un hat

However, this summer look may not be as “brand new” as some news outlets are reporting. Kim was previously spotted wearing the same sun-hat while inspecting a construction site.

Kim Jong Un appears in hat

As well as when greeting public along with his wife Ri Sol-Ju:

Jim Jong-Un  visit to farm in Pyongyang

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