Kim Jong Un Is Loveable Even If He Wants To Go To War Over A Movie

June 26, 2014: Kim Jong Un is just another ordinary guy who wants to be loved – even if he has to drop a few nukes for it.

The Democratic People's Republic of Korea (DPRK) authorities in Pyongyang are really upset about an upcoming Hollywood movie by actor and director Seth Rogen because the plot revolves around the assassination of their leader Kim Jong Un.

According to an unofficial North Korean spokesperson, the Hermit kingdom’s government has promised a “merciless” retaliation against the United States if “The Interview” is released, calling the film an “act of war.”

Although the reaction from North Korea is a little too extreme, all of it is really Rogen’s fault for only concentrating on the bad side of the dictator in his movie.

There is a lot more to Kim than what we usually read about him. He is just another ordinary guy who wants his people to love him – even if he has to drop one or two nukes to achieve it.

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The following are some of the most neglected aspects of Kim Jong Un’s personality that he wants you to know about:

He Has a Best Buddy:

Kim absolutely loves his American “buddy”, former NBA player Dennis Rodman. Both of them have met more than twice and Rodman has even fought with reporters over Kim.

Like other BFFs, they love taking pictures together.

He's Passionate About Basketball:

If there is anything Kim loves after Rodman, it’s basketball. 

In fact, the “Master Builder of North Korea” isn’t just a fan of basketball, he can play well too. Kim was competitive and pretty good on court, according to a PBS documentary.

You can see his enthusiasm for the sport in the images below. These were taken last year when Rodman – on a trip to DPRK – went to watch a basketball game with Kim.

Kim Loves Music:

Kim enjoys music.

He also reportedly starred in a school production of "Grease" – the hit Hollywood musical starring John Travolta and Olivia Newton-John.

And Food:

It is apparent from the image above, apart from his plans to take over the United States, that the North Korean leader has a large appetite.

And Children:

Kim is great with kids. You will come across a huge amount of pictures on the Internet that will prove this man just adores kids.

Here’s Kim with food and children together:

Ladies Just Can’t Get Enough Of Him:

He sure does have a way with the ladies. They just can’t get enough of him.

Even when it comes to slightly older ones.

Enjoys Roller Coaster Rides:

You can see how happy Kim is to get on this roller coaster.

He loves water slides as well.

Kim Is A Tech Junkie:

Although Kim doesn’t really allow his people o use the World Wide Web (they have their own Internet), he is always seen sitting in front of a computer, staring intensely at the screen.

Loves To Strike A Pose:

Kim has a really camera-friendly face. He knows when and how to strike a good pose.

Appreciates Mother Nature:

The North Korean leader loves exploring what Mother Nature has to offer. That is the reason he’s often spotted visiting fruit, vegetable and mushroom farms – surrounded by ladies, of course.

And Ski Resorts:

Kim is fond of skiing but when he planned to build his country’s first ever ski resort last year, Western nations refused to provide him ski lifts because DPRK is currently subject to international financial sanctions for conducting an underground nuclear test.

It is illegal to provide any technology or even luxury goods to North Korea under these sanctions.

However, they managed to get a chair lift – apparently – at least one, for Kim Jong Un only.

Kim Is An Animal Lover:

He loves animals. As you can see in the image above, even the goat can’t believe his luck that Kim Jong Un is stroking him.

So, he could be a good-ish guy when he's not conducting secret nuclear tests.

You see it now, don't you?

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