Kim Jong-Un Is Gathering Beautiful Women For Traditional “Pleasure Squads”

Just when you thought you had seen it all, Kim Jong-un does this.

North Korea’s leader supreme Kim Jong-un is reportedly assembling a troupe of tall, beautiful women to serve him in his “Pleasure Squad” – a tradition enjoyed by all his predecessors to demonstrate their “sexual powers.”

After coming to power three years ago following his father’s death, Kim had disbanded the group that used to entertain Kim Jong-il and had sent all the women back to their hometowns after making them sign a pledge of secrecy.

“After he came to power, Kim trusted no one and ordered thorough investigations into every official in the regime, from the highest to the lowest,” Professor Toshimitsu Shigemura of Tokyo University told The Telegraph. “The women who entertained his father knew many secrets and they have now been ordered to promise not to reveal any information before being sent back to their hometowns.”

However, it seems like Kim has experienced a change of heart.

North Korean newspaper Chosunilbo reports that the dictator didn’t approve of these squads for the longest of time but has recently developed a certain liking toward them. The authorities loyal to the leader are currently handpicking beautiful women from all over the country for him.

Lucky for him, the North Korean women have always seemed to adore him.

“Kim junior apparently shunned the summer villas before he came to power but developed a taste for them and the pliable maidens that come with them when he was being treated for gout last year,” says the newspaper.

It further revealed that the women who serve in these “pleasure squads” reside in summer villas and are paid $4,000, which is quite an outrageous sum in contrast to the hermit nation’s current rate of poverty. The maids who work for the family are paid almost half of that amount.

It is also pertinent to mention that Kim Jong-un is married to a singer Ri Sol-ju with whom he has a daughter.

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