Students In North Korea To Complete A Three-Year Course On Kim Jong Un

Reports say students in North Korea will have to study – or rather endure – a three-year course on the country's leader, Kim Jong Un, as part of their secondary school studies.

Kim Jong Un

As if the people of North Korea weren’t suffering enough, the country’s high school education committee has reportedly introduced a class on its Young General, Kim Jong Un, into their regular curriculum.

According to the compulsory course outline acquired by South Korea's state-owned KBS World Radio website, the North has established the history and “achievements” of the notorious dictator as an official school subject. 

It is supposed to be a three-year course, comprising of 81 hours in total. The classes will be taught based on content provided by the Workers’ Party of Korea and focus on Kim’s early life and how he went on to become the  country’s Outstanding Leader.

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It sounds like a lot of hours but North Korean students are used to taking long courses on Kim’s family – they are already studying his grandfather Kim Il-sung for 160 hours and invest another 148 hours on father Kim Jong-il.

Although textbooks have not been printed yet, the classes will presumably include Kim’s quotes, ideas and orders he uses to direct his political and military officials.
It is believed the new course is part of Pyongyang’s efforts to highlight the dictator’s achievements ahead of the third anniversary of his rule. 

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