South Korea Will Put Up A Giant Christmas Tree Whether Kim Jong Un Likes It Or Not

Kim Jong Un is like the White Witch of the Korean Peninsula; he loves wars and hates Christmas.

South Korea Christmas

A Christian group in South Korea has been allowed to reconstruct and decorate a giant Christmas tree-like structure near the border with their notorious neighbors in the north.

The 43-year-old tower was dismantled in October due to safety concerns. However, Seoul’s defense ministry recently approved the Christian Council of Korea’s requests to renovate it.

"We accepted the request to protect religious activities and to honor the group's wish to illuminate the tower in hopes of peace on the Korean Peninsula," a government spokesman stated.

Built in 1971, atop the Aegibong Peak Observatory, which is less than two miles from the border, the 30-foot tall tower has long been used as an ad-hoc Christmas tree by the Christian community in South Korea.

But the atheist North Korean regime under Kim Jong Un has always viewed it as a tool for psychological warfare and even threatened to fire artillery at it.

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Addressing the possibility of rebuilding the structure in October, Pyongyang authorities said such an act would have a “catastrophic impact.”

However, the South couldn’t care less. Korean Defense Minister Han Min-koo said in a parliamentary hearing last month that removing the tower “wasn’t the right thing to do.”

The CCK will light up the giant Christmas tree for about two weeks from Dec. 23, Defense Ministry Spokesman Kim Min-seok announced at a regular briefing.

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