Kim Jong Un Warns Of A 'Very Grave' Situation And Here’s Why It’s Not A Big Deal

North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un warned of a "very grave" situation on the Korean peninsula on Tuesday during a meeting with the country’s top military leaders.

Kim Jong

While the secretive state is threatening Seoul with a new nuclear missile test, here’s a picture of a drone Pyongyang sent out to spy on a South Korean island:

Kim Jong

Also, this isn’t the first time Kim Jong Un and his armed forces have ended up looking stupid after threatening their enemies with dire consequences.

In fact, North Korea was ‘almost at war’ with South Korea, and even the United States, several times last year.

For example:

North Korea Severed An Important Hotline With The South:

North severed its cross border links including the Red Cross hotline with Seoul last year following the end of non-aggression pacts between the two countries, threatening South Korea with a military attack.

The reaction came as a result of the U.S. drills that were being conducted in the South.

However, it seems that the North Korean dictator had more important things on his mind:

Kim Jong

Like watching a game of basketball with former NBA player Dennis Rodman.

North Korea barred South Koreans from the Kaesong Industrial plant:

Last year in April, North Korea increased pressure on Seoul by delaying access to the Kaesong industrial factory in a move to trap hundreds of South Korean workers on the northern side of the world's most militarized border.

In reality, North Korea had to release the workers and resume operations in the factory because Kaesong is the country’s few hard currency earners, producing $2 billion a year in trade with the South.

And after that, Kim Jong Un was spotted doing this:

Kim Jong

North Korean Troops Invaded Seoul, Took 150,000 US Citizens Hostage:

Okay, so this happened in a propaganda video.

North Korea released several clips on YouTube in 2013 showing an imaginary invasion of the United States and South Korea by Kim Jong Un’s army.

One video titled “A Short three-Day War” was an indirect threat which probably meant that it would take no longer than three days for North Korea to win the dreaded war with both S. Korea and the U.S.

Kim Jong

But all of that after a little basketball. Rodman went to meet his “buddy” Kim for a second time and yet again they went out to enjoy a game.

War Could Break Out Today

The North Korean military reiterated mid-2013 that it was about to carry out a "cutting-edge" nuclear strike and that war could break out any second.

 "The moment of explosion is approaching fast," an army representative was quoted as saying.

Kim Jong

But first, let’s grow some mushrooms and what better to encourage the female farm workers than have Kim Jong-Un visit them. And boy were they happy to meet their leader as the women cried and struggled to get close to him, according to the country’s central news agency KCNA.

Long-Range Missiles With Nuclear Warheads On Standby”:

A North Korean general released a statement in March last year that the country had placed long-range missiles with nuclear warheads on standby.

Kim Jong

Sure, the outdated consumer desktop keyboard and the Logitech mouse used by the North Korean military will probably have the communist country’s enemies shivering with fear. Well, not really.

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