2.6 Million People Live in Pyongyang - Where Are They?

There's a big thing missing in this rare footage from Pyongyang, North Korea.

It's the rare photographer who gets a look inside North Korea. The Hermit Kingdom's notoriously Draconian laws don't allow full access to citizens and certainly not to the country's deprivation, labor camps and extreme poverty.

So when a photographer gets any chance to photograph North Korea, it's always interesting what the pictures will show. Or, in Aram Pan's case, won't show. 

Pan was granted permission to take a riding tour through Pyongyang. The capital city holds an estimated 2.6 million North Koreans, just shy of Chicago's population. But you'd never know it looking at Pan's footage.

On a 20-minute tour of the isolated city, the one thing missing among the wide streets and soaring buildings is people. It's almost unnerving how such a long ride through Pyonyang turns up very little of the city's population -- and there are so few cars on the road that Pan rarely has to wait at traffic lights.

Pan's project DPRK 360 also include photographs he took around the country to give a better glimpse into North Korea.



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