North Korea’s Hackers Could Kill People

North Korea could potentially hack its way to physical harm.

North Korea’s hackers

North Korea’s hackers are growing more and more dangerous. Professor Kim Heung-Kwang, a high-profile defector told BBC that the hackers are now capable of attacks that could kill people.

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Cyber terrorism is not a new tactic used by North Korea – its infamous unit of hackers, Bureau 121, has been operating since the late nineties. Most recently, North Korea has been accused of hacking nuclear data by South Korea. Last year, the Sony attack was an extensive breach that alerted the American public to the power of North Korea’s hacking.

However, these could be considered harmless in comparison to what North Korea’s hackers are now capable of. "Although the nuclear plant [in South Korea] was not compromised by the attack, if the computer system controlling the nuclear reactor was compromised, the consequences could be unimaginably severe and cause extensive casualties," Prof Kim said.

North Korea’s tactics require international attention. This increasing strength of computer warfare is not something to be taken lightly. Perhaps the most harmful military advances are the ones that cannot be seen, making it imperative that something be done to control this.

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