North Korea's Lack of Internet Stops Internet Attack

It's difficult to attack what does not exist. Not many people have access to the internet in North Korea which is desperate to keep outside information away from the average citizen.

Some have access to a heavily policed network called Kwangmyong, if they have anything.

The question becomes how can you attack something then that does not exist? According to a recent Reuters report the US tried to infect North Korea’s nuclear weapons program with a virus five years ago that failed to take hold because North Korea’s web lacks interconnectivity. The isolation of North Korea’s computer systems mean that it is very difficult to get something like a virus to permeate what little internet the country has.

internet security

While North Korea is strongly invested in making sure that no one in its borders save for top officials can roam the internet freely, the paranoid heads of state are equally invested in making sure they can strike other countries right in the internet if need be.

According to a North Korean defector, the government has a collection of 1,800 computer whizzes taken from the nation’s top schools to form the nation’s hacker cyber army called “Bureau 121.”

Although this cyber security North Korea is enjoying is a secondary result of having some of the world’s most extreme censorship, we would like to congratulate North Korea on their impenetrable internet security. Unfortunately, they probably can’t access this site to see the sentiment. 

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