How Awesome Are Norway’s Fjord-Heavy New Passports?

Norway is making the boring things in life – passports, currency – small pieces of artwork.

A passport is one of those boring must-have documents for most people. Sure, they’re colorful and shiny when you first get them, but for the most part, they hardly spark any interest, from anyone, at all – ever.

Norway wanted to change that.

Earlier this year, Norway held a national competition to revamp its currency – and people were amazed with the results. Now, the Norwegian government has turned another painfully dry symbol of bureaucracy into something that is colorful, lively and even worth talking about!

It’s the new Norwegian passport, which was, like the currency change, the result of a competition among local designers. Neue, a studio in Oslo, scored the winning design.

“Nature has always been an essential part of the Norwegian identity and tradition, as well as being a key fundament for our welfare,” the design studio said in a statement.

So, they made some super cool yet minimalist artwork featuring fjords: 

And if you thought that couldn’t be made cooler, you were wrong:

For star-gazers, nature lovers or people who like seeing what things look like under ultra-violet light, the section of the passport usually donned with visa stamps is a sight to behold!

In case you can’t tell, those are the Northern Lights which appear under UV lighting.  

Apart from being totally awesome, these new passports do serve a practical purpose. The new ones, which will be made available for Norwegians sometime in the next two years, have been made for security purposes.  

They also come in three different colors: red, turquoise and gray.

Maybe this was Norway’s reason for never joining the EU all along: so it could have better looking money AND passports! They are, thankfully, a signer of the Schengen Agreement, so that makes visiting their fjords and (hopefully) seeing the Northern Lights all the more possible.

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