Even Other Countries Are Slamming The US’s Useless Gun Policies

Britain and Australia made it very clear that they're sick of the excuses for gun violence the U.S. keeps putting out.

Both Britain and Australia recently delivered some nuggets of cold, harsh truth to the U.S. (although Republicans are clearly not listening to anyone)—unless we engender some real, effective adjustments to our gun legislation, there is no way these mass shootings are stopping.

BBC host Aaron Heslehurst was not diplomatic in his denigration of the NRA, stating in no uncertain terms that we have to “break” or “dismantle” the NRA if we ever want to see mass shootings end.

Columnist Maike Curie agreed, pointing out the antiquated nature of the 2nd amendment that Americans so lovingly cherish: ““The thing that everyone points to is the Second Amendment. But the Second Amendment was set up in 1789. That was a different world then and something needs to be done about this.”

Former Australian Deputy Prime Minister Tim Fischer was equally candid in an interview with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation's ABC News, condemning the U.S. for issuing a broad travel alert: “I’m a bit sick and tired of the US chucking handballs at us, putting into their travel advice that it’s not safe to go to Sydney… you are 15 times more likely to be shot dead in the USA than in Australia per capita, per thousand people, and that varies state by state. Those midwest states are shockers and let’s start highlighting this… It’s time to call out the US.”

If conservatives aren’t going to listen to fellow liberal Americans, they will most likely dismiss the words of foreign countries—however, these statements prove that these mass shootings have gained terrible notoriety worldwide, and it is becoming increasingly ludicrous that our politicians are doing nothing to stop it.

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