NRA Press Conference Interrupted By Protesters (VIDEO)

The NRA press conference was interrupted by two protesters who held up signs in front of speaker Wayne LaPierre, creating a strange juxtaposition of pro and anti gun messages.

Wayne LaPierre's speech at the NRA press conference responding to the shootings in Newtown, CT was interrupted by protesters, who, unlike LaPierre, placed much of the blame for the shootings and past shootings on the NRA. A protestor held up a sign that read "NRA Killing Our Kids," and remained there in front of cameras while LaPierre spoke on behalf of the NRA for a long twenty seconds before he was physically removed by guards. "NRA has blood on its hands," yelled the protester as he was carried off.

He was followed shortly after by a female protester who repeated "Ban assault weapons now!" Both held signs that identified their loyalties with the gun reform advocates Code Pink.

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