NRA-backed Rep: Texas Can’t Take Refugees Due To Its Easy Gun Access

His hypocritical thought process is quite fascinating.

Tony Dale

Texas State Representative Tony Dale demonstrated a remarkable dose of hypocrisy when he claimed that Texas could not accept any refugees into the state because of its easy gun access laws.

These same lax regulations are the ones Dale (a legislator proudly rated ‘A’ by the NRA) has worked tirelessly to enact and make sure remained unchanged by any forms of gun control legislation. Somehow, this easy access is not a problem for any possible mentally ill or unhinged individuals in his state, but only in relation to war-torn refugees who are escaping civil strife and a deadly regime.  

Dale and his colleagues have “blocked mandatory background checks for all gun purchases,” according to ThinkProgress, as they incessantly defend the freedoms given by the Second Amendment in our right to bear arms.

Dale probably cannot appreciate the irony that the refugees being admitted into the U.S. from Syria will most likely be vetted more thoroughly and go through more background checks than anyone in Texas attempting to purchase a firearm—yet that vetting process is not “robust” enough for his liking.

The lack of self-awareness is almost amusing at this point.

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