NYC Sets Record For No Murders In 10 Days

NYC is known for setting a lot of records, and this one is definitely a first for the big city.

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With all the negativity that's been in the news lately, NYC has set a record for going 10 days without a murder.

Although it's not something that should have to be recognized, it certainly demonstrates a decrease in crime in the city, the last 10 days and in general this year.

The last time the city had a streak of no murders was in 2013, when it lasted nine days before another homicide.

There is no real explanation as to why the crime has suddenly stopped for 10 days, but criminologists have said that sometimes crime comes and goes 'with the seasons', and there is not really one particular thing that it can be traced to.

That being said, while it is great that this record has been set, it is important to still follow proper safety precautions while in the city, as you never really know when crime can strike again. 


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