NYPD Cops Caught Making Up Reasons To Arrest An Innocent Driver

Caught on video. Another day, another incidence of police corruption.

When a group of NYPD cops pulled him over, Benjamin Farias had the foresight to leave his phone in the cupholder to record what happened next.

First the officers ordered him out of the vehicle. Then they arrested him. You can hear the clink of handcuffs, the sound of Farias insisting, repeatedly, that someone explain what’s going on, why he’s being arrested. But the cops refuse to offer any justification.

This is because they had no justification.

When he returns to search the vehicle--- finding nothing more of interest than a cookie--- one of the cops admits to the others

“I don’t even know why we pulled him over.”

Another responds, laughing

“Just put ‘cocaine test.’ That’s what you put.”

The officers eventually arrested Farias for driving with an expired license, even though he offered paperwork proving this wasn’t the case. Then they cuffed him so tightly that they fractured his wrist.

The official reason the cops offered for stopping Farias was that he was “driving with an obstructed windshield.”

He had a Christmas tree air freshener hanging from his rearview mirror.

A lot of people do. It’s legal. There’s a whole industry built on the premise that people will hang things from their mirrors. Farias says that he

“felt as though they pulled me over and abused me for sport.”

After two hours, Farias was finally released from the precinct station house. He plans to sue the city for his unlawful arrest and detention. As he should.

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banner photo credit: flickr @icanchangethisright
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