Something’s Really Wrong With NYPD And No One’s Really Talking About It

What’s so wrong with NYPD arrest videos? Well, there are too many of them.

NYPD Officer

In September, a video of an NYPD cop tackling a pregnant woman to the ground made rounds on the Internet.

Outrage ensued.

People slammed the law enforcement department for their (mis)use of excessive, brutal force, hashtags trended, similar old videos were shared. But it didn't really have any effect on NYPD’s conduct.

On Oct. 7, the Civilian Complaint Review Board released a report stating that the number of complaints against the department’s use of illegal choke holds in the past year is the highest in a decade.

Furthermore, civil rights advocates recently accused New York City authorities of continuing to support discriminatory surveillance of Muslim communities by police – despite promises to shut down the controversial program, which began in 2003 during the Bush administration.

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And to top it all off, just this week, four separate incidents of NYPD’s abuse of power – with concrete video evidence – were reported. Take a look:

1. NYPD officer taking $1,300 from man, then pepper-spraying him

The incident reportedly occurred on Sept. 16 but the video has just recently emerged. The NYPD police officer can be seen taking money – more than $1,300 – from a man who says he was robbed and then pepper-sprayed by the cop during a stop-and-frisk.

While NYPD officials say only $62 was taken, and the situation “was properly handled by the officer,” attorneys for Lamard Joye, the man who is seen on film being frisked, claims he was robbed and assaulted by the cop.

2. NYPD breaks reporter’s camera for interviewing students

Local news channel NY1 was filming a segment about police officers shoving black and Latino students out of the predominantly white neighborhoods of the city where they attend school.

However, the news crew was met with force when they attempted to interview students. One officer broke the lens of their camera after ordering the channel to leave the premises.

3. NYPD officer hits unarmed teen in the face with his gun

In video from August that was first reported by DNAinfo New York earlier this week, surveillance cameras show a pair of NYPD officers hitting 16-year-old Kahreem Tribble, with both fists and a gun.

Tribble was arrested for allegedly possessing marijuana, but clearly surrenders. He can be seen with his hands up as the second officer comes in and pistol-whips him.

4. NYPD officer left teen brain-damaged after stopping him for smoking a cigarette

Filmed over the summer, this clip shows an NYPD officer threatening a teen moments before knocking him out – all of this reportedly over smoking a cigarette.

After the blow, Hamer can be seen limping while onlookers shout at the officers. "You knocked him out!" the man woke up after paramedics arrived, according to The Brooklyn Paper.

Although the officer who hit him has been suspended, and the other on the scene has lost his gun and badge, Hamer's family has filed a lawsuit, alleging he suffers from long-term injuries like memory loss, dizziness and headaches since the assault.

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While the NYPD needs a thorough evaluation of its entire unit instead of just separate investigations of several such incidents, the U.S. administration should really start focusing on fixing its own law enforcement agencies rather than trying to police, aid or assist everyone else in the world.

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