NZ Man Arrested For Blasphemy In Burma

A New Zealand man has gotten himself into some trouble in Burma.

Philip Blackwood Jailed for Blasphemy in Burma

Phil Blackwood, a New Zealand man living in Burma, has gotten arrested along with his two other Burmese colleagues for blasphemous images of Buddha. 

Blackwood manages a bar in Burma, where he used an image of a psychedelic Buddha wearing headphones in order to promote his bar.

Recently in Burma, a huge rise in what monks describe as 'Buddha Nationalism' has taken over, which means there is no tolerance for what Blackwood and his colleagues have been doing.

The three pleaded not-guilty, but were sentenced to two and a half years in prison with labor for their wrongdoing.

Although it wasn't Blackwood's intention to insult Buddha, that isn't going to help him and his colleagues now. 

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