Oakland A's Pitcher Shared Thanksgiving With 17 Refugee Families

Pro baseball player Sean Doolittle and his girlfriend hosted a special Thanksgiving dinner welcoming Chicago's Syrian refugees.

As most people tried to tune out the chaos and tragedy in the world in an effort to enjoy their own loved ones on Thanksgiving, Oakland A's Pitcher Sean Doolittle and his girlfriend Eireann Dolan hosted a special dinner in Chicago for 17 Syrian refugee families.

"Chicago is so lucky to have 17 Syrian refugee families now officially calling it home," Dolan wrote in the caption of a photo posted to Instagram. "We thought we'd officially welcome them with one of our greatest American traditions, Thanksgiving."

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Chicago mayor, Rahm Emmanuel also joined in on the feast.

Dolan said she and Doolittle were compelled to host the event after reading news about  some states denying refugees following the Nov. 13 Paris terrorist attacks including her home state of Illinois and Doolittle's home state of New Jersey.

"If you're anything like me, you watched with shock and sadness as so many governors issued statements that they would be refusing any further Syrian refugees in their respective states," Dolan wrote in a blog post last week.

The couple's selfless act of kindness toward Syrian refugees is hopefully an example to all those who have allowed fear-mongering to make them forget the humanitarian values the U.S. prides itself on.

What refugees need is support and fellowship, not to be treated like castaways. Dolan offered a powerful message about how to open closed hearts and minds.

"Changing hearts and minds is not something that can be done from the 'top down' — that is, you can't expect politicians or laws or military actions to change the way people view one another and how they act toward each other as a result," she wrote.

"Hearts and minds are changed through small actions that we all have the ability to take every single day." 

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Banner Photo Credit: Twitter @DoyleGlobal

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