82-Year-Old Hero Braves Inferno To Rescue Puppies

"I lost some of my puppies, my puppy dogs," Boore said. "I lost so many."

This man is an inspiration for all animal lovers out there.

Perry Boore from Oakland, Arkansas, was severely injured while trying to save his dogs from a fire that broke out in his pet sanctuary.

Although his face is blistered with burns and his “Perry's Orphans Sanctuary” is destroyed, Boore was more worried for his animals now left without a home.

"He came out and smoke was just pouring out of the house," Wendy Maher, a neighbor, told the Baxter Bulletin. "I had to stop him from trying to go back in and rescue more of them."

The 82-year-old man, who was recently diagnosed with the onset of Alzheimer’s, managed to rescue a lot of his pets; however, he's in mourning for the ones he couldn’t save.

"I lost some of my puppies, my puppy dogs," Boore sobbed. "I lost so many," he was quoted as saying.

According to police officials a heating device started the fire.

Boore’s neighbors who are now looking after the animals say they need help to feed the dogs.

"We have pretty much everything we need to maintain the dogs and the kennels," said Mike Dunn, another neighbor. "The place has water, so we're good there." Donations are also being accepted at the pet sanctuary.

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