One Dead After Automobile Show With 700 Cars Suddenly Turns Violent

Amid blaring sirens and screeching tires, Oakland police officers shot and killed an armed suspect during one of the biggest sideshows in city’s recent history.

It was a terribly busy day for the law enforcement and highway patrol agencies in Oakland, California.

What started out as a normal sideshow on the streets of East Oakland on Sunday morning got out of hand in no time after an estimated 700 vehicles overtook Interstate 880 near the High Street exit, as well as city streets, requiring a response from Oakland police, the California Highway Patrol and the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, according to authorities.

Reportedly, about 200 vehicles are associated with the auto show on a given night. However, an influx of cars from Fresno and Los Angeles, and motorcycles from San Jose, contributed to the large number of vehicles.


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Although controlling and monitoring such a huge number of vehicles on a busy Sunday night — especially when they are spinning donuts on the freeway and entering the lanes through the off ramp  is a hassle in itself, things escalated when people started firing gunshots.

As if hundreds of cars driving in the opposite direction on freeway wasn’t enough of a problem for the CPH and Oakland police, someone even took the opportunity to vandalize one of the police cars with rocks and bottles. The police say it's unusable.

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Amid blaring sirens and screeching tires, several people also began jumping on top of police cars  though it is unclear if any arrests have been made.

Moreover, shots were reportedly fired at one of Highway Patrol’s helicopters, which was viewing the activity from overhead.

“We got the reports, and then made sure that we got that helicopter out of harm's way,” said Officer James Andrews, a CHP pilot who was not flying at the time. “It would take either incredible stroke of luck, or bad luck depending on how you look at it, to hit the helicopter in a mechanical spot.”

Oakland police officers also shot and killed a suspect Sunday night, according to a statement. Apparently, the officers were towing vehicles when they were “approached by a subject who pointed a firearm in their direction.”

The suspect was shot multiple times.

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