Obama: America Will Lead "Clean-Energy Future"

"President Barack Obama on Wednesday pleaded for commonsense financial reforms to prevent some of the risky Wall Street behavior that contributed to the economic near-meltdown. On the second day of his visit to three corn-growing states, Obama also reaffirmed the goal of tripling U.S. ethanol production in 12 years, in part to make the nation less dependent on foreign oil. He made the remarks after touring the POET Biorefining plant in Macon, Mo. A day earlier in Iowa, Obama had toured a plant that builds wind turbines. Obama's visit to Missouri, Illinois and Iowa has the look and feel of a political campaign, with camera-friendly stops for pie and burgers. It focuses on several economic fronts. The president is pushing greater investments in renewable energy, better education that can lead to new jobs, and tighter controls on Wall Street."