Obama Doesn't Know All That Much About Korea's Education

What we see and what actually happens are two completely different things.

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President Obama has given South Korea praise for paying teachers as much as doctors and engineers.

However, while teachers in South Korea are certainly much more appreciated and cared for than in other countries, perhaps including the U.S, Koreans have commented on Obama's words and said that doctors are paid far more than teachers. 

For many years, Obama has commented on the successful education systems in places like South Korea and Scandinavian countries. While the pay might be much better for teachers than in the U.S, it does not necessarily mean the education system is 'better.'

Children is South Korea, for instance, study for much longer hours than anywhere else in the world. School is more important than anything, and kids are encouraged to spend more time preparing for tests than anything else. This has lead to unbearable pressure, resulting in one of the highest suicide rates among teenagers in the world. It also leads to teachers working much longer hours (sometimes until 10 PM) in order to accommodate students' needs, and the pay is not always comparable. 

Surely, the U.S can take ideas from other countries to help better the failing education system. However, before the President begins praising other countries, he should do a little more research about what is really going on.

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