Obama Launches BP Oil Spill Offensive

Nearly two months into the BP oil spill disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, President Obama is making his most concerted effort yet to project the kind of can-do spirit that got him elected in 2008.Mr. Obama touched down in Gulfport, Miss., Monday morning, the first of several stops along the Gulf coast for meetings with local officials, residents, and the media over the next two days. Tuesday evening, the president will deliver his first-ever primetime address from the Oval Office. And on Wednesday, he and administration officials will meet with BP execs at the White House.Obama has taken a drubbing for appearing behind the curve in his administration’s response to the worst environmental disaster in US history. Now, as scenes of an expanding slick across the Gulf, oil-drenched animals, and tar balls on beaches blanket the airwaves, Obama faces as big a public perception challenge as any since taking office. Can he recover?