Obama: Leaked Afghan War Documents Reveal Nothing New

Mr. Obama said Tuesday that while the leak of sensitive military information is a matter of concern, the documents failed to generate any information that has not already been addressed in his new war strategy implemented last year. The documents covering the last six years of the Afghan war were released Sunday by the website WikiLeaks. They include details of civilian casualties allegedly caused by coalition forces and allegations Pakistan's intelligence service, the ISI, supports some of the insurgent groups operating in Afghanistan. President Obama told reporters at the White House that under a new strategy, the United States has greatly increased its commitment to Afghanistan and insisted upon greater accountability from the country and its neighbor, Pakistan. On Tuesday, Afghanistan's National Security Council said the leaked documents show the U.S. has ignored Pakistan's role in the Afghan insurgency.In a statement referring to Pakistan, the Afghan council said the lack of a clear U.S. policy towards forces who use terrorism has led to devastating results. Council head and Afghan national security advisor Rangin Dadfar Spanta later questioned U.S. aid to Pakistan, saying it is "not justifiable" for the U.S. to give $11 billion to Pakistan for reconstruction and security and see those "same forces training terrorists." Pakistan Foreign Ministry spokesman Abdul Basit dismissed allegations that his country supports elements of the Afghan insurgency on Monday, calling them "far-fetched and skewed." The U.S. Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Admiral Mike Mullen said Tuesday the unauthorized release of the papers could put U.S. troops in Afghanistan at risk.