Obama Limo's New Licence Plate: Taxation Without Representation

President Obama, like many Washington D.C. residents, will have a license plate that protests the fact that D.C., a city of over 600,000 has no voting representatives in Congress.

President Obama's license plate for the inauguration will protest the fact that residents of Washington D.C. have no voting representatives in Congress.
President Obama’s limo is being fitted with a political license plate: it’s the Washington D.C. plate that reads “taxation without representation.” The slogan, the standard one for Washington D.C. license plates, refers to how Washington D.C. is taxed, like anywhere else in America, but has no senators or (voting) representatives in either branch of congress, despite having a population larger than that of Wyoming or Vermont.

The reason why D.C. still does not have representation after all of these years is political: it would be the most Democratic state in the union. Same goes for Puerto Rico, a U.S. territory that is given a primary in the Democrats (not the Republicans) nominating contest, and is more populous than 28 states, but would also produce two reliably Democratic senators and a handful of reliably Democratic electoral college votes, so it, like Washington D.C. will continue to be taxed and not represented.

At least for the inauguration, Obama, like Bill Clinton and Washington D.C. representatives everywhere, will protest the fact that over 600,000 U.S. citizens have no one representing them in congress.

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