Obama Makes Surprise Visit To Afghanistan

"During a surprise visit to Afghanistan President Barack Obama told American forces that U.S. lives would be at risk if the Taliban retake control of the country. ""Thanks to you, there's been progress these last several months,"" he told an assembled audience of about 2,500 U.S. military forces and civilians at Bagram Air Field. ""We know there are going to be some difficult days ahead. There's going to be setbacks. We face a determined enemy. We also know this: The United States of America does not quit once it starts on something. You don't quit. The American armed services does not quit. We keep at it. We persevere. And together with our partners we will prevail. I am absolutely confident of that."" ""I want every American serving in Afghanistan, military and civilian, to know whether you're working the flight line here at Bagram or patrolling a village down in Helmand, whether you're standing watch at a forward operating base or training our Afghan partners or working with the