Obama On Valentine's Day: It's Easier "Cause I Got This Rose Garden"

President Obama charmed a crowd of ladies in Decatur, before zipping back to D.C. to have his Valentine's Day dinner with Michelle.

President Obama charmed a crowd in Decatur, Georgia on Valentine's Day. "I can't imagine a more romantic way to spend Valentine's Day," which most in the audience seemed to get as an ironic joke, and whoever didn't get it was probably all the more charmed.

The group of audience members behind Obama was all female, except for one lucky guy who must have snuck in when the advance crew wasn't looking. Or maybe he's a major campaign donor. Oh wait, two guys, not one. Well done guys.

"Michelle says hello. She made me promise to get back in time for our date tonight. That's important. That's important. I've already got the gift, got the flowers. I was telling folks, the flowers are a little easier, 'cause I got this rose garden."

About half the audience got the joke (the rose garden is one of the main ceremonial spaces in the White House). And yeah, that would make Valentine's Day easier.

Today, Obama's longtime Secretary of Defense, and Senate Republicans are getting in some arm-twisting before they approve Chuck Hagel, his next one, but Obama also got to do events like this, which he seems to truly enjoy. He is, after all, one charming guy.

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