Obama pressures congress on health care reform

"President Obama used the bully pulpit today to pressure congress on health care reform. Obama"" This is an issue that affects the health and financial well-being of every single American and the stability of our entire economy."" The president used his weekly address to tell members of congress now refining his health reform plan now is the time. Obama: ""This is what the debate in Congress is all about: Whether well keep talking and tinkering and letting this problem fester as more families and businesses go under, and more Americans lose their coverage. Or whether we ll seize this opportunity - one we might not have again for generations - and finally pass health insurance reform this year, in 2009."" While the president wants the final bill on his desk before the august recess, Arizona senator Jon Kyl used the GOPs weekly radio address to urge a slower pace. Kyl: ""The President and some Democrats insist we must rush this plan through. Why? Because the more Americans know a