Obama Renames Mt. McKinley, Republicans Fish For Reasons To Be Upset

To honor the indigenous tribes of Alaska, Obama renamed Mt. McKinley to its traditional name, "Denali" which sent the right wing into a frenzy.

Now that U.S President Barack Obama has announced the renaming of Alaska’s Mt. McKinley as "Denali," rightwingers and jokesters seem to have a lot to say about the decision, despite never having visited the historical landmark.

Denali meaning, “the high one” is a traditional name for the nation’s tallest peak used by the Native Americans.

It was renamed in 1896 after Republican presidential nominee William McKinley, an Ohioan who became the 25th president before his assassination in 1901.

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The former president reportedly never even visited Alaska — let alone the mountain — but the name was officially adopted by U.S. government in 1917.

Sally Jewell, the Secretary of the Interior, made the name change back to Denali with an official order. This decision partially stems from Obama's efforts to strengthen relations with indigenous tribes. 

The change received criticism from the Ohio congressional delegation, particularly the state's junior senator Rob Portman (R).

Um, here's a thought Senator Portman, why not preserve his name on something in Ohio? Why does an Alaskan peak which McKinley never visited or climbed need to bear his namesake? 

Other Twitter users joined in on bashing the POTUS' decision. 

Not quite sure what the real issue here is, but we do know that if an Obama decision didn't receive any right wing protest then we should worry. 

We're willing to bet if they could find a justifiable reason to protest Obama blowing his nose, they would jump right on it. 

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