Obama Says Laws Must Be Updated After Oil Disaster

President Barack Obama said Thursday that the ongoing oil disaster in the Gulf of Mexico has highlighted the inadequacy of current environmental pollution laws, and urged Congress to move forward with a series of changes in an "aggressive, forward-leaning way."He made his remarks during a White House meeting with the bipartisan congressional leadership."At the top of our list was our continued response to the crisis in the Gulf," Obama said at the end of the meeting. "We had a frank conversation about the fact that the laws that have been in place have not been adequate for a crisis of this magnitude."The president specifically mentioned the Oil Pollution Act of 1990, which Democrats have strongly criticized for imposing a $75 million oil spill liability cap.The law "was passed at a time when people didn't envision drilling four miles under the sea for oil," Obama said. "And so it's going to be important that ... we update the laws to make sure that the people in the Gulf, the fisherme