Obama Shoots Down AP’s Julie Pace: 'Give Me An Example Of What I Might Do' (Video)


Following his meeting with congressional leaders, President Obama sort of argued with the White House reporters during his budget sequester press conference on Friday.

The Associated Press reporter, Julie Pace asked President Obama, “How much responsibility do you feel like you bear for these cuts taking effect and is the only way to offset them at this point for Republicans to bend on revenue, or do you see any alternative?”

Mr. Obama responded by saying, “Well, look, we’ve already cut $2.5 trillion in our deficit. Everybody says we need to cut $4 trillion, which means we have to come up with another trillion and a half.”

He continued talking about how he is eager to take on his own party over Medicare reformbut did not really answer her question Pace’s question directly.

Pace then again questioned him by saying, “It sounds like you’re saying that this is a Republican problem and not one that you bear any responsibility for.”

And Obama responded back:"Well, Julie, give me an example of what I might do.”

"Just trying to clarify,“ replied Pace. "Well, I'm just trying to clarify your question," Obama said.

Watch the argument between President Obama and Pace in the video above.

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