Obama Tells Bullied Teens "Every Day, It Gets Better"‎

(White House)

A beautiful speech from America’s most powerful man has leant considerable weight to recent campaigns to increase self-esteem and support for LGBT teens in the US and across the world.

Following several suicides of gay teens in America, dozens of gay and gay-friendly celebrities and politicians have recorded personal ‘It Gets Better’ YouTube videos.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton released hers a few days ago – now her boss Barack Obama has recorded his version in the Oval Office.

“You are not alone. You did not do anything wrong. You did not do anything to deserve being bullied,” he tells young people in crisis.

“And there is a whole world waiting for you, filled with possibilities. There are people out there who love you, and care about you just the way you are.

“Things will get better. And more than that, in time you’ll see that your differences are a source of pride, a source of strength.”