Obama Uses Stars' Powers for Final Campaign Push (Video)

President Barack Obama appears in swing states with celebrities to rally for more votes by election time. President Barack Obama is bringing aboard a slew of high profile celebrities like Eva Longoria and Katy Perry in the final days of his campaign leading up to the election on November 6.

The president will campaign in swing states to gather more votes with the help of star supporters. Eva Longoria will appear with President Obama at a grassroots rally in Las Vegas. Perry will perform at a free concert in Wisconsin on November 3 with Obama.

November 4 marks an even more jam-packed day as Obama campaigns in New Hampshire, Florida, Ohio and Colorado. President Obama will appear with Bruce Springsteen on November 5 and the New Jersey rocker will perform a duet with rapper Jay-Z in Ohio.

The president and Springsteen will finish their tour in Iowa on the same day.

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