Obama's Immigration Speech Gets Smacked By GOP Pols, Conservative Pundits

"GOP politicians and conservative pundits unleashed some verbal fireworks heading into the July 4 weekend by slamming President Obama's immigration speech. Karl Rove, President George W. Bush's former adviser, led the charge, ripping apart Obama's remarks, saying the President was trolling for Latino voters and is ""not serious"" about immigration reform. ""If he [Obama] could get this thing to use as a political issue for the next three months to beat up on Republicans, he'd do it, which he's doing,"" Rove told Fox's ""O'Reilly Factor"" guest host Laura Ingraham.""But about fashioning a comprehensive policy with all the details and all of the equities and all the contenders that want to come to some resolution of this, forget it. He's not serious about it."" Compared to Rove, Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer's reaction was much kinder. She called the speech ""helpless."" "