Obese, 100-Year-Old Crocodile Dies from Overeating

An obese crocodile, who was constantly fed for good luck, winds up not so lucky.

obese crocodile dies from overeating

An obese, 100-year-old crocodile dies after constantly being fed chickens and goats for good luck in Bangladesh.

Visitors to the Hazrat Khan Jahan Ali Shrine in Bangladesh believed feeding the ancient reptile would bring them good luck.

The desperation for good fortune has been even greater with the tough economic conditions for the region.

“Usually it was just a chicken but more recently people have been offering even more, including goats, believing that big sacrifices meant more chance of a wish being granted,” Crocodile keeper Mohammed Sarwar said.

Three other crocodiles had been living in the pond with the crocodile, but had died previously due to overeating – leaving the crocodile with even more goodies to stuff himself with.

The increase in delectable treats, unfortunately, led to the crocodile’s death from an obesity-related condition.

“We were aware of the problem but were not sure what to do about it.” Sarwar said. “The legend is that anybody who feeds the hunger of the crocodiles will have their hearts desire fulfilled.”

Looks like the croc got too much of what his heart desired.

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