If Other Cities Did This, Nobody Would Be Homeless

This simple initiative could end homelessness worldwide.

In Madison, Wisconsin, a community of small houses welcomes the homeless with open arms. The project is a success story of a nonprofit called Occupy Madison, Inc., whose vision is to end "homelessness one tiny house at a time.”

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Four people, including one couple, will move into three finished homes on the site – which is great news for the homeless community in the area. When the next phase of the project is completed in the spring, it will be a set of nine tiny houses that surround a former auto body shop on East Johnson Street.

The project is completely autonomous, funded by private donations. The tiny village of single-room houses was built by a group of homeless individuals along with members of Occupy Madison.

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If adopted as a model by other cities, it could potentially serve to alleviate homelessness on a grander scheme. The vice president of Occupy Madison, Luca Clemente, said said the project is special not because it give homeless people houses to live in, but because the project helps “enable people to build their own houses to create their own futures.”

Also – because the houses they’ve built really are quite lovely. Here are a few images to show you exactly how it happened:

Unfortunately, the homeless exist all over the world.

Homeless Community

But Occupy Madison had a vision.

Homeless Community

The team that made it happen included community members and homeless people.

Homeless Community

And so they got together and started building:Homeless Community

And they built three of these!Homeless Community

Fully furnished to make it homely enough.Homeless Community

Mission success!Homeless Community

Check out their donation page and Facebook volunteer page

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