Occupy Pedophilia: Russian Neo Nazis On ‘Safari Hunting’ Gays (VIDEO)

Fatimah Mazhar
A disturbing news report was released this week documenting a Russian vigilante group ‘Occupy Pedophilia’.

The group is notorious for its violent anti-gay YouTube clips. In the video above, a female member of this ultranationalist organization claims to be on ‘safari hunting gays and pedophiles’.

In June, the Russian government passed a law banning homosexuality and LGBT activism. According to human rights groups, this measure has fuelled violence against gays to such an extent that groups like Occupy Pedophilia, are publicly announcing to murder them.

During the past two months, several videos were posted online showing homosexuals in Russia being attacked, beaten and tortured by anti-LGBT activists. Strict policies against gay athletes during Sochi Olympics were also being planned but after global criticism, petitions and protests calling the sport event to be moved from Russia, authorities announced that there would be no discrimination against players on the basis of their sexual orientation.

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Vitaly Milonov, Russian MP responsible for the controversial anti-gay legislation told BBC that the aim of the law is to ‘cleanse’ Russia. According to him, societies that promote homosexuality are sick societies.

But the violent attacks on homosexuals in Russia suggest otherwise. In the video above, a homosexual man is being forced to drink urine by vigilantes. Surely this cannot be counted as a sign of a healthy society.

Although the Russian government has started to enforce the anti-LGBT law by jailing gay people, there isn’t much the authorities are doing to stop the hostilities being committed by groups like ‘Occupy Pedophilia.’