An Off Duty Cop Assaults Woman For Rear-Ending His Car

Manhandling a woman for rear-ending your car? Not cool.

A recently leaked video of a Californian policeman is raising some serious concerns about police brutality within the United States. The leaked video made its way through the web and shows a bizarre scene taking place in a San Jose parking lot.

The video shows a man forcefully slamming a screaming woman against the side of a car as she yells at him to ‘back off.’ This, however, wasn’t a case of domestic violence, but it shows cops at their most aggressive.

Dressed in black shorts and a casual tee, the man was actually an off-duty cop, trying to arrest the woman, after she had allegedly rear-ended his car in the parking lot.

Rather than following the usual routine and copying down her license plate number for further investigation, the un-named cop tried to handle things his own way; by slamming her against a car and manhandling her.

The video shows the pair struggling for few short moments, before the off-duty cop tries to hold her against the trunk of a car, all the while repeating that he’s a cop.

As a struggle was taking place, the woman’s sister tried to break apart the two but was unable to do so until she physically intervened.

People on the scene claim that the man did not show any official ID but was later identified by the police department as one of their own. The Police Department also released a statement saying that during the struggle their officer was bit by the woman who was assaulted.

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