Cop Torments Unarmed Black Man – But This Story Has A Different Ending

Amna Shoaib
Seattle police Cynthia Whitlatch claimed the man was swinging a club at her. It sounds like a case that could end in tragedy. Instead, it ended with justice.

An alarmingly high number of police officers in this country have a criminal profile in mind that is distorted and grounded in bias.

According to this profile, a white teen armed with a gun is a misguided soul with a deprived childhood, while an elderly black man leaning on his golf club is a dangerous criminal against whom all extreme measures should be taken.

The widespread mistrust against African Americans was once again on display recently – but this case involving Seattle police Officer Cynthia Whitlatch has a decidedly different outcome.

In July 2014, when she saw 70-year-old William Wingate leaning on his golf club, she told him to drop his "weapon."

officer who arrested

When Wingate refused, seeing as he was using the club as a cane, Officer Whitlatch went ahead and arrested him, without any real cause.

officer who arrested

officer who arrested

The arrest drew outrage from all over the country, where people rightly saw this as yet another incident of police brutality.

This Tuesday, more than a year after the incident, Officer Whitlatch was fired for her "combative approach" and "racial bias."

"Officer Cynthia Whitlatch was served today with a termination notice for sustained policy violations involving bias, abuse of police discretion, and escalation of a contact on July 9, 2014," Seattle police said in a statement.

Charges against Wingate were dropped after his arrest and the police department has apologized and returned his confiscated golf club.