Ohio Town May Have Serial Killer On The Loose After 6th Disappearance

Six women have disappeared and five of them in the last six months. However, some in the town don't feel like the police have taken the situation seriously.

With more and more bodies being discovered, a small Ohio town is beginning to fear it has a serial killer on the loose. But why did it take so long for police to think that?

The women had gone missing from the small town of Chillicothe, Ohio. According to The Washington Post, all of them had struggled with drug addiction or had been sex workers, and all of the bodies found thus far had been dumped into creeks or streams.

Six women have disappeared over the past year and to date, four of the bodies have been found. All of the women have been between 20 and 40 years of age and the two still missing both have brown hair and blue eyes. In the last six months, five of the women have disappeared or been discovered. 

That’s nearly one woman a month in a town of 22,000. It is unknown why police did not suspect there might have been a killer targeting women until six were missing or dead. One theory as to why the situation hadn’t been taken more seriously is possible police bias against sex workers or women recovering from drug addiction.

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“The day I reported her missing was very upsetting to me,” said Yvonne Boggs, the mother of Charlotte Trego, one of the women still missing.  “The cops said, ‘Women like your daughter take off because they don’t want to be bothered.’ It was like they looked into it up to a certain point and then quit looking,” she told The Huffington Post.

“The police didn’t take it serious and just blew me off,” said Angela Robinson, the mother of first woman to be found.

Hopefully investigators are able to find the culprit soon.

A 36-year-old sex offender is said to be the prime suspect, but has not been charged. 

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