Oklahoma Can't Understand Why It's Failing At Education

Ranked 48th in the country, Oklahoma doesn't seem to think there is a problem with their education system.

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Oklahoma, ranked 48th in the country for education, (which in case you didn't know Oklahoma, there are 50 states total), just can't seem to get a grip on how to better their education system, according to BNR.

Now of course, the children and educators of Oklahoma know what they're doing in the classroom, but unfortunately, they are up against some powerful people.

The criticism comes after Oklahoma's legislative committee decided to ban AP History classes in the state because they "only teach what is bad about America." Keep in mind, AP classes are a way for hard-working high school students to earn college credit before even getting their high school diploma.

Not surprisingly, the man behind this new legislation is Pastor, Dan Fisher, who is a huge proponent of 'knocking down the wall' between Church and State.

Religion is one of the reasons that support for the classic American education system isn't working in Oklahoma. The leaders seem to be determined to use their own views on the education system, where it doesn't belong. 

Because of the legislation, students might not learn the faults America has done throughout history, but is being manipulated to think differently the way to go?

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