Twitter Images Capture The Midwest Tornadoes’ Path Of Destruction

Dozens of homes were destroyed in areas around Oklahoma City.

Tornadoes reported in Kansas, Oklahoma and Nebraska

Oklahoma, along with some areas in Nebraska and Kansas, were hit by a series of devastating tornadoes on Wednesday.

Although there were no reports of injuries initially, officials said at least 12 people were injured – two critically on the south side of Oklahoma City.

“Earlier in the day, passengers, visitors and employees at the Will Rogers World Airport in Oklahoma City were evacuated to a pedestrian tunnel for about 30 minutes as the storms moved through the area,” according to airport authorities, as quoted by Reuters.

Apart from flipping cars, disrupting power and snapping trees, the debris left by the tornadoes closed several roads, the Oklahoma Department of Emergency Management stated.

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“Severe flooding was reported in the downtown Oklahoma City business district and South Oklahoma City, where local media reported a possible drowning victim after a flash flood,” Reuters added.

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On a lighter note, after a tornado reportedly hit the Tuttle, Oklahoma, animal habitat Tiger Safari, the Grady County Sheriff's Department said that several wild animals had escaped including a tiger, triggering the hashtag #tigernado on Twitter:

Residents were warned to stay inside as authorities went on a search for the animals. However, a few hours later the Grady County sheriff’s office announced all the animals were “accounted for” and none of them was injured.

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