Old Footage Surfaces Showing Cosby's Creepiness In Action

An old clip has surfaced of disgraced comedian Bill Cosby interviewing actress Sofía Vergara on “The Late Show” and it's cringe-worthy.

An old clip from 2003 has surfaced of disgraced comedian Bill Cosby interviewing actress Sofía Vergara on David Letterman’s “The Late Show.”

A series of guest hosts filled-in for Letterman while he dealt with health issues, Cosby being one of those guests.

Cosby has been accused by dozens of women of drugging and sexually assaulting them. As these alleged assaults have come to light, many celebrities, former co-stars and other allies have distanced themselves from Cosby.

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Vergara is not one of the accusers and isn't at all involved in the scandal, but she may have been an unsuspecting recipient of Cosby's advances more than a decade ago.  

This discomforting video of Cosby interviewing Vergara may attest to the accusers’ complaints. Perhaps Cosby really was a creep all along and we just subconsciously overlooked it because he was such an influential figure.

"S-I-N is sin," Cosby says as Vergara looks on uncomfortably and Cosby keeps commenting on how tight her clothing is, "Men look at you, and they think only of sin ... Now what you have on tonight is wonderful. This is wonderful. And when you walked out, many, uh, people became attentive."

"You make me feel young again," he continued, speaking in a Spanish accent. "You make me feel very, um, excited. Look at me."  

Vergara remains in character being flirty, sweet and jovial. They both continue going back and forth making jokes and innuendo.

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Initially, the interview seems harmless and playful and of course Vergara’s sex appeal is always a topic of discussion everywhere she goes.

However, in hindsight — knowing what we do now — it's very disturbing the way he is so fixated on her looks and outfit. Even once they start talking about the film she’s promoting, Cosby just can’t stop talking about her dress and flirting with her.


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