This Old Frail Lady Gave ISIS Goons A Piece Of Her Mind

She may be old and feeble, but this lady is a champ!

Looking at this frail old lady one wouldn’t think she’d have the guts to stand up to the heartless ISIS jihadists, but boy did she give it to them.

The video was originally posted online in Arabic but luckily has been since subtitled. There is no knowing how authentic the video is. For one thing, you don't expect the ISIS jihadists to be so tolerant of any criticism; secondly, the video seem to be recorded from the side of the ISIS men.

Whatever the case may be, the elderly woman can be seen screaming at the Islamic State militants in the street, telling them off for being the murderers that they are and giving them a piece of her mind on how their extreme violence has nothing to do with Islam.

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