Oldest Female Veteran Just Passed At 108

She has seen a lot of things throughout her life. Lucy Coffey, the world's oldest female veteran, was found dead at a 108 years old, according to the Associated Press.

Lucy Coffey, Veteran, 108

Coffey joined the Women's Army Auxiliary Course in 1943. She was working at a grocery store when Pearl Harbor was attacked, and that's when she quit her job and decided to fight for her country.

She was stationed around the Pacific, and lived in Japan for ten years before coming back to the U.S, and ultimately settling in San Antonio, Texas.

Coffey was lucky enough to meet some honorable people during her life, such as Barack Obama. However, others would have said they felt lucky to meet her.

Coffey was found in her bed in San Antonio, and while the cause of her death has not yet been released, she had been sick for about a week as well has had a chronic cough.


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